Augmented INTELLIGENCE for Clinicians!

Give your caregivers the tools they need to deliver superior care.


INTELLIGENCE Platform for healthcare recruiters!

Create recruiting campaigns, prioritize resumes, and have on boarding completed .


GoodLooking INTELLIGENCE for healthcare marketers!

The GoodLooking CRM and marketing software gives you the tools you need to run marketing campaigns, analyze ROI, and expand your referral base. 


GoodLooking's INTELLIGENCE Platform helps billers and collectors! 

Introducing the most advanced authorization validation in healthcare.


Augmented INTELLIGENCE for staffing coordinators! 

Schedule the most qualified nurse to a patient at the lowest expense. The integrated system tracks employee's case level, salary, mileage, and more. 


See how augmented INTELLIGENCE works for QA staff!

Meet agency and state standards with more than 100 automatic compliance checks performed on each encounter. 


INTELLIGENCE Platform for Human Resources!

The GoodLooking credentialing tracker and payroll platform is designed specifically for healthcare. 


Augmented INTELLIGENCE for Administrators and CFOs!

The integrated system is designed so that you can know exactly what  where you stand financially at any time. 


The HIPPA compliant communication system for healthcare!

Be HIPPA compliant while keeping your staff and patients up to date. Get access to secured faxing, email, phone, and texting options. 


See a skilled nursing visit in action! 

With mobile friendly sliders, offline capabilities, and an intuitive point of care system, GoodLooking  makes it easier for your nurses to give the best patient care.


See why GoodLooking has the easiest to use dashboard! 

Schedule your day, be alerted to authorization warnings, and know all your assignments with GoodLooking App's dashboards.


Find out what augmented intelligence can do for your healthcare business! 

 GoodLooking App uses augmented intelligence to streamline your daily tasks and help manage your business.