Something beautiful for everyone in your company.


The only software platform that can intelligently run an entire healthcare business.

GoodLooking App is a software system that intelligently plans your daily visits so you can take the shortest route possible and send a text message to your patients when you’re running late. 

It automatically creates medical necessity support documentation and keeps your clinicians in compliance. 

Our platform automatically knows what new hire documents an employee needs, then lets them complete those forms online, and then automatically sends them on-boarding and training materials before they start work. 

It even reminds you that your state survey is coming up or an insurance contract is about to expire. 

See exactly what augmented intelligence can do for your business below. 


Augmented Intelligence for Clinicians

  • Point of care for homecare, PDN, therapy, hospice, physicians, and more

  • Automatic care plan creation using thousands of clinical data points with medical necessity support and "storytelling" automatically done for you

  • Automatic mapping and routing that saves time and mileage

  • Integrated phone, text, fax, and email makes communicating with physicians, patients and staffing a breeze


Augmented Intelligence for Recruiters

  • Easily create smart campaigns that attract the best candidates for your open positions

  • Create applicants by simply dropping in their resume!

  • Applicant Portal allows candidates to track their status, complete paperwork, and communicate securely and accurately, including I-9s and W-4s!

  • Automatically prioritize leads, candidates, and employees based on location, salary, skills and work schedules

  • Automatically fill open shifts with intelligent texting, secure messaging, and phone calls

  • Automatically complete new hire paperwork and credentialing requirements


Augmented Intelligence for Marketers

  • Easily create smart campaigns that attract new patients and referral sources

  • Track the success of online marketing campaigns, social media, and direct mail

  • Automatically prioritize leads and referrals based on location, skill requirements, language, payer, and more

  • Analyze profitability before admission based on payer source, authorizations, reimbursement estimates, and mileage requirements

  • Track referrals that are on a wait list - the system even helps recruit applicants to fill shifts!


Augmented Intelligence for Billers and Collectors

  • Automatic, intelligent claim creation and submission to Medicare and multiple clearinghouses

  • Automatic, intelligent collection queues updated based upon claim status - done for you!

  • Automated secondary, tertiary, and self-pay claim creation and tracking

  • The most advanced authorization validation in healthcare

  • Payer contracting and reimbursement analysis included!


Augmented Intelligence for Staffing Coordinators

  • Automatic, intelligent staffing algorithm matches caregivers based on skill, salary, case level, location, mileage, and more!

  • Integrated text messaging and portal allows clinicians to view and accept open shifts instantly

  • Automatic tracking of licensure requirements, CPR, and training requirements ensures you only schedule compliant clinicians

  • Ability to recruit applicants to fill open shifts when no other employees are availabl

  • Integrated phone, text, fax, and email system keeps staffing coordinators compliant and productive!


Augmented Intelligence for Quality Assurance Staff

  • More than 100 automatic compliance checks performed on each encounter
  • Integrated QAPI, auditing, and performance improvement plans
  • Integrated incident reports, complaint logs, and infection reports
  • Annual performance reviews for each employee
  • Quality assurance and improvement reports and outcomes monitoring for each patient

Augmented Intelligence for Human Resources

  • Automatic tracking of all clinical, operational, and administrative HR requirements for all staff

  • Allow employees to complete required HR documents, including I-9s and W-4s before they start work

  • Automatic tracking of training courses, continuing education, and orientation classes

  • The most sophisticated payroll platform in healthcare - track shift differentials, bonuses, stipends, holiday pay, breaks, and a lot more


Augmented Intelligence for Administrators and CFOs

  • Automatic tracking of corporate documents, contracts, surveys and emergency preparednesss

  • Automatic tracking and analysis of payer reimbursement, profitability, expenses, payroll, and vendors

  • Profit and loss analysis before intake, during admission, and after billing help you properly monetize all cases

  • Expand your business into all healthcare markets with no additional software needs - we do it all!


Augmented Intelligence for Everyone

  • The best and most compliant communication platform in healthcare! Phone, Fax, Email, Text Messaging, and Secure Messaging platform with automatic security protocols built in

  • Send and receive secure faxes and messages directly within the software and while out of the office

  • Securely store electronic health records, messages, notes, and files within the patient, employee, office, or user file system